Here I am

Ok, so I’m finding in my human comforts I enjoy being adored to a certain extent, but too much adoration seems to also be a drain on my own space!
Having someone Gaze at me for lengths of time when invited, is pleasurable. On the other hand, when gazed at when I am wanting my own space is exhausting!
It feels as though a demand is being put on my energy and this repels me!
My search now is to be true to my feelings without being rude to another’s desire to gaze, but to still maintain my presence without the demand of a withdrawal of my energy being pulled upon…
The trick is to allow my purposing for any given moment to be voiced without apology and to be true to myself and how I wish these moments to be! No one else will get the benefit of meeting me, if I don’t also acknowledge myself for my energetic sensitivities…
Learning that I don’t have to be the way another desires is key in expressing my truth of presence! The universe I am co-creating desires nothing else more than for me to break free from the egg shells I’ve been walking on. Thinking this is the humble and a proper way of being has actually kept me tied into a belief system that is designed for sheep and not shepherds; mortals and not gods; people pleasing and not personal empowerment!
So over all the universe is calling me to be in acknowledgement of my self worth and that my feelings are my servants and service me they do, if I but listen and trust they will guide me into my highest integrity of fruitfulness!!!


New Life!

Here and now is the only place to plant marrow to bone, flesh to tissue and still choose to be the earth, that simple! Be the molten Calderon of heat and fire held by the gentle firmness of the Planet’s clay, spinning into endless perfection, molded by grace and a dynasty of Bodhisattva-ness in the intergalactic tap root that is ever increasing the stance and posture of this ever evolving empire of love!