I am Illuminati!!!

I just figured out that I am the Illuminati! I’m not on the outside, I’m on the inside! And those that claim Illuminati that are seemingly in power are on the outside looking in! Unless they have already conquered the wicked self, which is the devil! But once this beast is conquered through being set free, he thanks you, as the genie might, coming out of the lamp! And becomes our most precious Adviser, showing us only ourselves that we still think is separate from God! God is either everything or nothing and both!’0)

The self that can be confused is not the self at all!
Realizing the God is everything or nothing brings us to one conclusion to swallow some hard truths about who we think we are and who we think we are not!

As long as I look at this world as a boot camp, only ignorance can bring happiness and all truth brings anger for knowing things are not right!  But when I look beyond and see this world as a chrysalis, then I can grow my wings and become one with my Father!