Be creative

At this moment I’m going over my life cycles and how many times right before I am going to be taken to the next level of success I throw a wrench into the engine!
This pattern is by now in my 37 years and counting, a ridiculous subconscious persuite!
A notion built off of fear, persuaded into action  with guilt and cemented in values  of differing degrees of self worth that make up the receipe for what direction to go or what is allowable.
So far what has been allowable, is a poverty mentality, a cap if you will put on my chances to exceed the heighth of my current ceiling!
This is a lie and a breeding ground for addiction as well!
For the way the subconscious is set up is to pump out actions that are in alignment with our core values… When a direction that is not fully sponsored by these core ideals acures a natural instinct is to chop down the growth!
The trick is to get the system to accept a new valuing method, but to make it think this was already in the programming!
It has to be subtle, accurate, and swift! You could liken it to taking the table cloth off a table while it still remained fully set!
If any settings put on the table are knocked over in this process the subconscious will reset the table with the original cloth used once again!
This of course goes against the grain of implementing real personal success, so it is better to learn how others pull the table cloth off without disrupting the dishes atop.
Now they may not know how they learned, so just watch the actions and the self talk when mistakes are made…
The old views had good reason for existence! So it is important not to speak down to them or else pride will put a blocker in place and now this core value will gain power surging thru and araticating anything in opposition!!!
Small moves are lasting moves; swift moves are better to be done in a seemingly mundane venue of actions, normally done on day to day activities, by just adding a pivote that takes in the new data as original data by keeping all other patterns involved the same! Like adding a step to an existing dance move, building on the known to step into the unkown!!!


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