The tree

We have tbe same sky already in the womb of our soul, that’s where animal meets the man, where Creator conceives of a “Son,” of the most high, making bread and wine flow the same thru the same river!
These renewed acient paradigms of thought weaving, “pro- allities,” to get our asses home to that “nice head” of sky Palaces , an undreamed Zion, the roots of who I am, as branch and arm of this ultimate giving tree!!! Cozy pressed up to our Papa. Creator, drawing,
Love with no conditions, flexible, immovable standing strong in all places at once!

Time has faded and there remains one day and a thousand else where.
This is also a realm where all psychological makeup as pumped thru the hypothalamus
Gets the opportunity to sing, Churn,and evolve into our Most dreamt actions of our favorite prayers and ideas born of more fiber than hairs on our head; This magical childlike light that pulsates more free than there are galaxies!!!

Thru death to self, a preordered ideal from before creation had ever kicked off! Was this way and this voice…

Unto the Lamb that was slaughen
before all creation, be all honor, Glory, and praise!
He is the first born among many brethren: (Romans 8:29)
And all those of His own kind, born of the the same likeness, In measure of, value, Space for creating truth never spoken, Love never seen !
And this is the free expression, I happily get to enjoy thoroughly!
As I run closer in rhythm I wake up and take charge of my life!!
“This is my waking life!”
I say! This is the palace, the temple, where your very cry for Papa Creator is His cry for you!!!!

The forgotten voice of self is the voice of HIS MAKER. This far off distant land of Promise, is not Easily won!
For there is no class in which to compare the other!
So only the lonely seeker may find peace, forsaking all else is the birthing process pushing past this Vail dressed as human life.
To where our hearts are exposed for all that we carry outside of the realm of guilt ridden mistakes made up of thousands of years of karma…
This is that animal in need of Salvation intrinsically fused with my bone and marrow.
Redemption cuts to the quick of my soul, slicing right thru flesh, bone, exacting between marrow to the very core of our spiritual nerves system.

Lifting such a beautiful creature our own consciences into the capable arms of Daddy God is well with our good natured spirits… We know it’s better to let Papa do the heavy lifting that I might stay on this cross, this tree, this our Sundance, and healing of the nations!!!


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