Prayer on the bus, intergalactic style

I feel the throat chakra in the moment and there is a tugging on it feeling the words thoughts and ideas of all generations as if it were a person being caught red handed might try to choke their capture, knowing full well it is being drawn into the light!!!
So the prayer is that light gut me thru from top to bottom and from the tap root up!!! Extending light in all directions sending healing power to transform the lonely minds in the world and join our hearts together in honor.
Bringing release to the hands around the neck of the collective voice, that now freely shouts, we are worth love, made from love, and to love we return!!!
As this light dances in and thru us, let it now consume us in violet arodecent light, replacing pain with the tender understanding Christ had as his vision that led to his resurrection power expressed! May this same power rise our human family!!!


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