If GOD were an Atheist; would that mean He did not believe in himself?…

If GOD were an Atheist; would that mean He did not believe in himself?…

Well, after asking that question to the universe, the first thought that peaks thru from that broad band of understanding is, “Of course not, for the Creator sees no other before him, Left or right, up or down, nor if to spin in all directions simultaneously; it is all He, She has made a creation as a dear Mother would look into her child’s eyes and see all the best of herself take on its own life now and give an already all powerful love yet another avenue of expression in Self love!”

For we first see the universe as our self and then we grow into seeing it as our Maker, then we develop further and see the all as our family! Becoming a willing vessel to pour out our life for the Legacy of Spiritual data being stored up in our DNA as a Human species.

This in turn builds up new Evolutionary Intergalactic muscle, known as faith to religious folk, and believing in ones self to the Atheists. either way one is called to¬† see themselves as power houses of love, Majesty, poised and filled with a justice that does not take sides…But rather comes to take over with Peace thru presence, vision, and hope for our tomorrow! this is what our end goal is, for all sentient beings to come to during our prelininary existance before what you call Heaven or being raptured up like Enoch!

Only then, do we hold the right kind of valuing system to embrace the real living universe and all its ocupants thriving in every realm, without fear and judgement!


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