Be creative

At this moment I’m going over my life cycles and how many times right before I am going to be taken to the next level of success I throw a wrench into the engine!
This pattern is by now in my 37 years and counting, a ridiculous subconscious persuite!
A notion built off of fear, persuaded into action  with guilt and cemented in values  of differing degrees of self worth that make up the receipe for what direction to go or what is allowable.
So far what has been allowable, is a poverty mentality, a cap if you will put on my chances to exceed the heighth of my current ceiling!
This is a lie and a breeding ground for addiction as well!
For the way the subconscious is set up is to pump out actions that are in alignment with our core values… When a direction that is not fully sponsored by these core ideals acures a natural instinct is to chop down the growth!
The trick is to get the system to accept a new valuing method, but to make it think this was already in the programming!
It has to be subtle, accurate, and swift! You could liken it to taking the table cloth off a table while it still remained fully set!
If any settings put on the table are knocked over in this process the subconscious will reset the table with the original cloth used once again!
This of course goes against the grain of implementing real personal success, so it is better to learn how others pull the table cloth off without disrupting the dishes atop.
Now they may not know how they learned, so just watch the actions and the self talk when mistakes are made…
The old views had good reason for existence! So it is important not to speak down to them or else pride will put a blocker in place and now this core value will gain power surging thru and araticating anything in opposition!!!
Small moves are lasting moves; swift moves are better to be done in a seemingly mundane venue of actions, normally done on day to day activities, by just adding a pivote that takes in the new data as original data by keeping all other patterns involved the same! Like adding a step to an existing dance move, building on the known to step into the unkown!!!


The tree

We have tbe same sky already in the womb of our soul, that’s where animal meets the man, where Creator conceives of a “Son,” of the most high, making bread and wine flow the same thru the same river!
These renewed acient paradigms of thought weaving, “pro- allities,” to get our asses home to that “nice head” of sky Palaces , an undreamed Zion, the roots of who I am, as branch and arm of this ultimate giving tree!!! Cozy pressed up to our Papa. Creator, drawing,
Love with no conditions, flexible, immovable standing strong in all places at once!

Time has faded and there remains one day and a thousand else where.
This is also a realm where all psychological makeup as pumped thru the hypothalamus
Gets the opportunity to sing, Churn,and evolve into our Most dreamt actions of our favorite prayers and ideas born of more fiber than hairs on our head; This magical childlike light that pulsates more free than there are galaxies!!!

Thru death to self, a preordered ideal from before creation had ever kicked off! Was this way and this voice…

Unto the Lamb that was slaughen
before all creation, be all honor, Glory, and praise!
He is the first born among many brethren: (Romans 8:29)
And all those of His own kind, born of the the same likeness, In measure of, value, Space for creating truth never spoken, Love never seen !
And this is the free expression, I happily get to enjoy thoroughly!
As I run closer in rhythm I wake up and take charge of my life!!
“This is my waking life!”
I say! This is the palace, the temple, where your very cry for Papa Creator is His cry for you!!!!

The forgotten voice of self is the voice of HIS MAKER. This far off distant land of Promise, is not Easily won!
For there is no class in which to compare the other!
So only the lonely seeker may find peace, forsaking all else is the birthing process pushing past this Vail dressed as human life.
To where our hearts are exposed for all that we carry outside of the realm of guilt ridden mistakes made up of thousands of years of karma…
This is that animal in need of Salvation intrinsically fused with my bone and marrow.
Redemption cuts to the quick of my soul, slicing right thru flesh, bone, exacting between marrow to the very core of our spiritual nerves system.

Lifting such a beautiful creature our own consciences into the capable arms of Daddy God is well with our good natured spirits… We know it’s better to let Papa do the heavy lifting that I might stay on this cross, this tree, this our Sundance, and healing of the nations!!!

Learning the blessing of self control!

One thing is clear when faced with my own action minus the reactory elements of the world view I create around me via monstors of fear based generational soul ties!
These agreements are the finest of evidence that with a mustard seed of faith we can move mountains, either in or out of. What is the location of our lives!

Working on honor!

What does it mean to function with honor?
For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with honor and or what it looks like from moment to moment!
I’ve always wanted the fruits of the spiritual life, but the work involved has elluted my efforts as of yet!
I can remember this one prayer of mine from years ago, “You have caused the stars to stand fast at your command, in like fashion make me to stand firm!” has been my cry!
Somewhere in the deep recesses of my soul I believe it has to be possible to naturally live the good path without struggle or a divided-ness! It must be, or else why would I desire such a lofty gift of grace…
So I push on to find a power within that could sustain such a vision of purpose!!!
And that is what honor looks like in action in my life this far…

Prayer on the bus, intergalactic style

I feel the throat chakra in the moment and there is a tugging on it feeling the words thoughts and ideas of all generations as if it were a person being caught red handed might try to choke their capture, knowing full well it is being drawn into the light!!!
So the prayer is that light gut me thru from top to bottom and from the tap root up!!! Extending light in all directions sending healing power to transform the lonely minds in the world and join our hearts together in honor.
Bringing release to the hands around the neck of the collective voice, that now freely shouts, we are worth love, made from love, and to love we return!!!
As this light dances in and thru us, let it now consume us in violet arodecent light, replacing pain with the tender understanding Christ had as his vision that led to his resurrection power expressed! May this same power rise our human family!!!

If GOD were an Atheist; would that mean He did not believe in himself?…

If GOD were an Atheist; would that mean He did not believe in himself?…

Well, after asking that question to the universe, the first thought that peaks thru from that broad band of understanding is, “Of course not, for the Creator sees no other before him, Left or right, up or down, nor if to spin in all directions simultaneously; it is all He, She has made a creation as a dear Mother would look into her child’s eyes and see all the best of herself take on its own life now and give an already all powerful love yet another avenue of expression in Self love!”

For we first see the universe as our self and then we grow into seeing it as our Maker, then we develop further and see the all as our family! Becoming a willing vessel to pour out our life for the Legacy of Spiritual data being stored up in our DNA as a Human species.

This in turn builds up new Evolutionary Intergalactic muscle, known as faith to religious folk, and believing in ones self to the Atheists. either way one is called to  see themselves as power houses of love, Majesty, poised and filled with a justice that does not take sides…But rather comes to take over with Peace thru presence, vision, and hope for our tomorrow! this is what our end goal is, for all sentient beings to come to during our prelininary existance before what you call Heaven or being raptured up like Enoch!

Only then, do we hold the right kind of valuing system to embrace the real living universe and all its ocupants thriving in every realm, without fear and judgement!