A wise man once told me…

I came to one of my spiritual leaders and spoke to him of my struggle mentally of thinking about my motives for full on worshipful dancing in front of others and what they might be thinking as well!
Kris, listened and gave the most healthy feed back that still speaks to me 14 years later!
What he said was, “how about have everything in your life line up with your dancing!”
For me this comes to one gleaning prospect to pan for treasure… If dancing were a rutter of a ship then the guiding force is not the vessel; which is the rest of what makes up my life outside dancing.
Now in taking full course in these matters we arrive at the certainty that nothing exists outside dancing! It’s all within…
So when dancing meditate on your goals of freedom expansion and delibret living! Let there be free radicals of infinite love bursting into every train of thought, every fear, every old action, every choice good or bad!!!
Retraining the brain, from beyond the boundaries of the skull…


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