Yesterday’s lessons…

Yesterday, I was shown in a very big and real way; just how much the universe personally wants me to refrain from being a ghost writer in the drama of people’s lives! If they have created a way of agreement, I am to stand to the side , being a solid place of Honor and respect for all parties involved!
I see chiseled light appear as the unseen hand chips away at the darkness as if it were the bark of a Sequoia!
He whispers to the tender parts hidden away, calling them forth to stand firm in the presence of what seems to be contrast, and meet the sturdy hand of our maker!
Wearing the universe as skin and inhabiting all things!
So we become the channel of Honor, that doesn’t take sides, but rather arrives in service to all that is genuine, true, and of the heart. Showing forth a pleasant path lit up from the ground up, glowing inside you, making vibrational alignments, frequency paradigm shifts..etc
These pushes into evolved cosmic ideas not born in man’s mind, so we can lay that dragon to bed!
The best ideas are rarely born among humans, but rather come from the hidden home of stars, and every now and then, we get to glimpse the best idea as a sort of porthole, cosmic door way, of which we stand as intergalactic spiritual muscles, bridging the gaps…


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