Everything new!

Every cell, every idea, every shield of belief, every frequency linked up to chain reactions; which are the substance of Karmic debt accumulated in the invisible physical realm known as thoughts!
These thoughts are the static line for all conditioning…
When the thrust of new realms of possibilities approach the static line of the collective conditioning, we’re beginning to see that when people carry this new broadband of intergalactic muscle, that says, “My faith and my identity are not of this world!” Others are not quite feeling up to being ready for the plunge necessary to take on acceptance!
Here in lies the problem…
For thousands of years when people like Jesus show up and speak and act with an Alien energy in contrast to what the others “know and believe,” they end up wanting to push away this notion proposed by this outsider to there already standing realm of accepted beliefs and make way to getting rid of such a threat!
There has been times in my own experience when I’ve tapped into the honey pot of divine existence and experienced even the police not knowing how to handle someone that is a God soul, and either having to lock me up or just let me go because they didn’t want to get any hope or faith of my kind!
Which in turn would act on my behalf and put me into paths I would have not known…
On one occasion, I was put in a holding cell for having a bag of weed. I began singing songs of redemption and 20 mins later they let me go! And still on another, I was taken in because I wouldn’t comply and give my name on paper, but stood under the privileged Name of keyrad Christ! The police took me in as a jondoe. I was in there for four days and met some really wonderful people. One man taught me about respect and honor and popped me in the nose! This was needed of course to teach me the need to come with honor and humility! There was one really special man that I met; he was getting ready to be sent up for life! We spoke openly and deeply about life, GOD, Aliens, and he even encouraged me along my path! Reminding me that I was special and carried something in me not of this world! He was a beautiful man, full of sound wisdom…
All this is to say, we’re here, we’re not leaving, and all are welcome back home! So let Father sky embrace us and Mother Earth take our roots down deep, so that we remain forever as pillars worshipping the Creator of endless possibilities, seeking to find them in every corner of creation; of which there are non to one who is in and through all, knows all, and sees all!!!
Letting go and floating down stream, listening to the breeze on the trees as though the tree breathed in and gathered the wind unto himself!


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