Balance between the worlds

There is a whisper, there is a truth, and even a mystery!
But of those exposed to the handling; after having gone thru both gates and starting from the ground up! Building, climbing, becoming each level of Totem, till the sky rips my head!
Sending rapturing light to the very core: Bursting out of a bulbous like cocoon, while being swept away thru this avalanche of light, after having been swallowed whole as a whale might, I noticed branches steming from me, making my feet seem webbed…. Then the most interesting thing happened I started sensing the light crackling through me as an electric razor cutting quick to my bone!
By this time I could feel every cell take birth and ripple away from me. At the same instance I could feel the intelligence and ever awakening awareness as every cell reaching out to the ends of the universe as if to extend all that I am…


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