Good morning to life!

Thoughts of being still and knowing that I am, is the steadfastness of the sturdy flow. Unfolding all things as a participation for the drawing out and new power influxing my being to be all that I am!
Without identity born from the thoughts of men nor a personality that is crippled by what others say I ought to be, but rather the same self made presence the universe had towards itself and GOD before perceptions held points of view!
Listen to the infinite nurturing its own kind within; this seed is the mountain it creates, moves, and casts into the sea! Swallowed to the depths of the belly of the beast, transforming with the churning excellence of a Divine evolution, making its image living and breathing; till there be no other to the left or right, up or down. Only, I am that, I am mirrored, realized, and put into action like pistons firing off the billowing power of its function of love, power, peace and soundness exploding sparks and imploding fuel to push to the roots and back up again to a rock and roll steady Bob of a head that knows. . .


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