New boundaries may create conflict!

Listening to the voice of new reason, that is persuading me to hold new boundaries; has proven to be a chore at times…

Some people in my life would rather I live up to their expectations of what they believe a spiritual man would do or say! But i tell me this, that everything is in its perfect order and for the cause of greatness to rise to the ocasion in all of us! When I take offence, then I am not leaning in close enough to the earth on bent knee or perhaps not climbing high enough in the trees to glimpse from a bird’s eye view on the matter.

Either one requres work and action of the heart on my part! So when i am bent down to hear the coice of wisdom wispering from the earth and somwone trips over me, i am not to apologize  for my being there, but yet still reach out my hand to help the fellow up! And again, if i am in the tree and the other is seeking that i come down to relay what i see, or perhaps finds it unfair advantage to understanding what i see, since they have a totally different view from below and now they expect as a courtesy that i come down or find a way to bring them up! But this is not so for i am seeing for the first time and might loose the momenr if is cater to them. When in fact all the same branches are available to He that would seek to understand!

So listen to the fruit on this good tree that only falls to the hands of men when they are ripe, so must I stay and ripen to follow the same flow of these principals that stand in the way of pride, and the like. And yet take great pride in being honored to see and in this humility will come! Pride is a two sided coin on one side it locks us out from life putting all in oppostion and on the other it equalizes everything and makes life a level playing field of dreams…


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