In grasping new soil with renewed roots…

In grasping new soil with renewed roots I can see the tap root for who she is! Yes I said she, she being my soul.

The soul for me is of the feminine nature taking in seed and becoming one with it. this life that springs from her is He, Father sky, the GOD and Father that stands over all, with feet that extend beneath all of creation! I come and lay my head At His feet! This in turn invigorates my Spirit to lean in farther and further as well. The point of this trusting reach is to go beyond all words of creation, even the very ones that spoke existence into being!

Finding a trusting presence, that I might lay down and be made bare before whom has brought me forth even from this womb!

The tap root is now exposed! I need not fear for I am merely being uprooted that I may be planted deeper in richer soil! The testing is finished, now comes the cleaning and separation of all the entanglements that were allowed in this testing!

We’ve been watching you since before birth and even though we know whom and of whom you be…This had to be seen by you to bring the trust factor!

Revelation is not needed for this red road, but rather remembrance! Make the tap root strong by trusting there is “my voice” placed in you as your dear Spirit, and surely “I am” is with you and you now agree with we who stand over you in agreeance of all that is your heart and your tears and Prayers are coming stronger than you know! I will make a way for you to Dance at the Sun dance and you will walk this narrow road that that many nations might be blessed including your Son! We did send him to Make peace and spurring you on as has been done!!!


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