Today is my Son’s birthday!!!

This morning I rode to work early in the morning before the sun rose. I enjoyed a lunar eclipse and also enjoyed prayers and break through for my personal path…
What I have been getting as of late, is that I am to walk the journey of being single minded. Not looking for a mate to embrace!
Now I have been getting that shown to me for quite some time: The only difference is that now I am more willing than ever to walk out this path! I believe, just like my past drug use, of which it is not that different from. The only way to show gratitude is to lay it and or them down! I have been given great grace, and this grace has always been available at my very hands to explore.
Many people believe that grace is given to us though we don’t deserve it! I beg to differ and with good reason! How can a loving Creator say, “I care and have laid my life down for you,” unless He saw a worthiness in us? Though we may not share this view on any given day, it is important to embrace this truth, even if only in hope as only a dying man could muster! This is truly the only way for me, either all is worthy or none is welcome into the arms of this awesome Love!
Now don’t get me wrong a lot of times we still operate in lies and conditioning that would say, ” I’m not worthy,” or worse yet do things in our spiritual sickness to hurt ourselves or others, but even the devil himself is welcome into this blood drenched love that laid down arms, legs, head, chest, and soul for the beloved feet of sinners! AKA man’s free will gone bad thru running head long away from this Awesome Love out of self shame! Shame is the lie that keeps me in the dark, truth is the lavished Love of a Father that says, “You were dead and now you are alive!” Making no mention of the things done wrong, only celebration for yet another Son or daughter come home!!!
We stand at the Gates of eternity waiting for every last soul to wake up and come home! Now love may make us wait at the gates for a time, but that is only so that we may greet the others we have not yet forgiven, for this is the admittance fee! Letting that self same Love of God wash over us till we see our brother as the very same! Never withholding love is the path, but it’s understood that each may have to suffer their own hell, before being willing to forgive and accept that we chose to be here and none are victims, save God only! But even He has chosen not to embrace that lie, but rather take full responsibility and swallow up the lie with the truth of everlasting love that states, “Forgive them they know not what they do!” And so I too will forgive and let the mercy of the universe lead me into abundance so that we may all see, that even the chief of sinners is seen as perfect before the one in whom is my account! Hasten the judgement and yet embrace the sword of his word as it runs me thru, purifying everything to where I may say, I am.Leave no room for air of any other breath to grab onto any other identity than His!
When I put principal before personality and squeeze to that which is eternal! He is the principal! I become grafted in and loose self and become an agent of His making and the branch of His might!!!! Shout Love, shout forgiveness, shout justice thru grace! Let the King rule and we become prince of peace of Him whom is peace. Halalujah!!!


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