Memory of past incarnation or deja vu…

For the longest time as I can remember I have thought about life differently than most. When I was about 8 yrs old I had the thought, “What if I had been born a girl, would I still know who I am?” If that isn’t a soul realizing that I wasn’t just my body I don’t know what is…
deja vu, has played a similar role in my waking life. My theory is that deja vu is either the memory of a past life that is circling around the mountain again or perhaps a window of a dream within a dream opening up in my waking life to lend insight for mastery of that moment or better acceptance there of…
In the first one is the idea that in every incarnation we are given the same lessons we had before until we get the right of passage to move onward and upward in our spiritual evolution. Going thru life time after life time gathering the gold of our deja vu s as our very own depository of hidden knowledge that carries this gold as a residual source that keeps building weight and depth to our experience. Here’s the picture, we are a bowl of water in our conscious and most of our subconscious lives. As we pour out this water upon this plane of existence our bowl becomes empty of course and it is at these times deja vu s come and we can gather to us the gold. First by seeing the gold in the bottom of our bowls, thus calling the law of attraction into play and drawing upon the living and active universe to add unto us the total value of said gold… the .more value we place, obviously the more gold we put into our depository! Then more water washes thru bringing us back into the collective dream of being “Just humans” and that we had had only a “deja vu.” Hopefully we gained enough gold enlightenment in our residual volt to carry us thru till we empty out next time, for it is this hidden knowledge that pushes the water out of the bowl, as one weight can displace another. The end goal is that eventually the gold is all there is left; at this point the deja vu s will subside and the water will only remain as a “rim of resistance,” leaving no place for it in the bowl. Gurus call this the self realized one, the Christians call this the Christ, the Buddhists say this is Buddha, but I say this is a child of God wrapped in the arms of the MOST HIGH! Living in and thru him, as He breathes so is my breath, as He dreams so is my life, as He wakes, so is my death to self. Leaving only the gold of our fusion…
On the other notion in regards to the dream within the dream; the thought follows that deja vu is likened to one window of memory, now being dilated and able for its viewing: Almost as a prophetic dream now being pulled upon into the here and now.
I’ve always said that it was the memory of one dream out of perhaps a 1000 I could have had in one night’s sleep, but now one small portion and or one scene of the many dreams is being played out before my eyes in real time.
And of course the weight and value is to be held in the same light as the earlier thought about reincarnation and deja vu s purpose of gathering hidden knowledge that our hidden person has left as bread crumbs along the way…
Oh, and so another thought has just arrived over the last hour or so, that deja vu s can be made to happen if one cares to remember any given present moment, all one has to do is ask…


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