The crows call!

I was woke up this morning by a crow cawing six times repeatedly! So I read Proverbs six after I had my wits about me via prayer and some other reading. I had also the thought to call my Son so I did that. He was in play mode, so no long conversation there… I started reading after and remembered to go to Proverbs at that time. It was speaking of stopping laziness, which of course convicted me! Then came my mindfulness to writing out what I believe God was laying on my mind.

What was gathered is this, that I am not to have any other Gods before me! Its like my GOD was doing the old, ET finger to my mind, “I’ll be right here.” As Jesus had spoken to his disciples that, “It is better that I go, for I shall send another!” This is the great hope of every teacher or Master, that their presence will not be required to attain access to whatever the subject matter pertains too! In this case the subject matter is the housing of God with in! For me I see and hear the Lord pulling that old “ET finger action,” and then saying, now have no other Gods before thee! And the voice of this message now reverberating within instead of with out: And or from the one looked upon that does not reside in the inner dwelling. For any form of Godliness in body can take away the Power there of, that is an inward presence!

It reminds me of the last portion of the book by Herman Hesse called Siddhartha. The student and or main character sees his teacher as God and then the teacher seems to hop up and skedaddle like he couldn’t get away fast enough! I am paraphrasing of course, but what a picture! Oap, you see me as God, if I stay you will be deceived and think God dwells anywhere but within! And we are waking God within, so if I stay you will only be a sheep and not a Shepard…

Going in and out of the Gates as one that is the door for others to enter, is our channel, and so goes the mystery of God and Man…


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