37 and still yearning…

Ok, so the last little while I have been in a spiritual lethargy of sorts! Not carrying the desired energy of transformation, but even in this apathy I have seen and heard the lessons needed for my spiritual evolution…

Lurking in the backdrop of my awareness or the lack there of is a plethora of teachers that would want nothing else, but for me to bow to them as my Master! In times past I bought in hook line and sinker; as for now I still bite, trying to remain reachable, but am still left with a feeling of loss when I put any other’s idea of God, life, etc… As paramount in the frontal lope of my focus!

So the lesson of evolution for me is to be kind in listening to another’s story, but not making it mine, nor making it the voice of my Creator. Rather letting it role off my back like, “Water off a duck.” This is the graduation to put it simply, putting all others thoughts of what’s best for me to the test of fire!

This fire brings all things to ashes, “Ash to ash and dust to dust.” I would argue this is the test of all gods, even themselves! For it is only then that a god becomes real in our material plane of existence. Diving deeper into this thought, it is this place of death that a god takes on new standing among the mighty! For a god that takes on flesh and dies, only to return a raptured and resurrected being, has complete mastery over all things and is due praise!

No better example than Christ Jesus in this stance!!!

No wonder he has gained an eternal Name of King of Kings and LORD OF Lords!

Which reminds me of a side thought, I believe that Jesus was and is the God of the Hebrews/ the old Testament. In being such, He took full responsibility for the sins of man, since He had Created the process of their evolution and as Genesis remarks, God repented for making man!

Now I believe those words were just as prophetic as any given to a prophet of old! Hence filled a void and supplied a vision of hope and a road needed to travel and or fulfill! Of which this God did, being born a child. Being called Prince of peace, wonderful counselor, everlasting Father! Seeing that if he himself did not show a way out of being in dead lock to the flesh; how could he expect a creation to follow suit, if He himself did not first lay down his life!

This gives all new meaning to Jesus’ interaction with John the Baptist, where Jesus states, ” Suffer this for Righteousness sake.” Speaking of course of the baptism by water.

Now we are first grown in water of our mothers bodies and then come into the world only to re-enter the water; as a Salmon coming home to spawn, so are we called to the place of our birth! And I believe that place is the ocean of GOD… THE BIRTH PLACE OF STARS AND UNIVERSES, GODS AND MAN, WITH ONE GOD AND FATHER OF ALL THAT GOES BEYOND THE COMPREHENSION OF THE FINITE TO BE BORN ONCE AGAIN IN THE INFINITE!!!! THE BLOOD OF THIS SON REACHES FAR AND TO THE DEPTHS OF THE RHYTHM OF EVERY CELL OF CREATION!!!!! Showing forth that the Son is the Father and the Father is the Mother And the Mother is our aching flesh to have the Son grown in and thru our womb of existence, which is this life I am. . .


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