listening to pain that spurs on evolution…

How to stand in the dark night of the soul! Searching endlessly for a path that is filled with love by others to make me feel like I belong is exhausting, first and foremost!

So there comes a time, perhaps now, when a soul has to reach deep inside and find a kind of belonging that no other can give!

How to stand the dark night of the soul…

Searching endlessly for people, places and things as the path to feeling loved and given that rich fulfillment of belonging, is absolutely exhausting!

Fore this belonging we look for is as deep and original as God had to be before all of creation. Meaning there was no one to the left or right up or down, the only source of love was within, the only sense of belonging was to just be…

And it is this place that the universe longs for all to remember and desires us to let go of idolized beliefs and constructs that would make us fall into the illusion of Mia and or the towers of Babylon!


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