wrapping my head around the moment..

Wrapping my head around the moment of all the rushing emotions of a life time of choices that have brought me to the here and now! I have always felt the call to write, but have run from it as if this would be my sentence to being a lone wolf! Wresting with loneliness only leads to more of it! And embracing it still leaves me hanging on a limb that reaches to the outer limits of what I have so neatly evaded with religious and philosophical views to infinitum! Suffice it to say this is the only path left to feel, live, and move in. It is found in a posture of contentment, settled in a seed of a lonely tree of meditation that is sure to bare the fruit of harmony and a type of productiveness never sought after by many…

The few that find it are a transformed tree of sustenance for the lonely seeker of an invisible source of love, joy, and passion,  and untapped richness are the ear marks of the daring souls that venture out to the distant land within!!!

I dare to embark on this journey, listening to this light is my hope in a life full of darkness and a kind of pain that was brought on by excluding this path as imperative to follow after head long as if chasing the love of my life to the ends of the earth to express my undying love!

And isn’t this what all are attracted to in a person? One who finds the company of self as enriching as anything sought after that would yield endless wealth and stability in a worldly sense. . .


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