today’s aweha!

I found great release and joy in the shell a and core of my being today as I walk, speaking out loud and in the posturing of my body and mind, of the acceptance of my good and fallen nature of self will! Allowing for the universe and that ever present consciousness of my Creator to flow its mercy thru my bones!

Being here now on this planet as a 36 yrs old single male is only the illusion, but being here now as a creator hidden in man’s skin is the essence of my Father/ Mother Spirit of the universe!

Random thought: Jesus Christ is the soul founder of the those beings that have sworn to keep coming back to this earth till we all come back home to the Kingdom of heaven within us!


unraveling the moment…

Here we are whipping thru space at speeds of which, do only those who sit still truly know! I listen and hear the earth chime in as the stars rock us to sleep to dream better dreams! Upon awaking the universe shouts in a whisper thru the silent trees and the peaceful waters of that hidden treasure of here/ eternity/ a flower/ a laugh/ a bird singing… will we join in?